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Underground Leak Detection & Repair

If you feel like you’re spending more each month, but haven’t been using any additional water, you may have an underground water leak. Workman & Son’s Plumbing provides underground water leak detection and repair for homeowners throughout Huntington, Ashland, Ironton, and surrounding the Tristate. It doesn’t matter if your leak is big or small. Our master plumbers have years of experience taking care of troublesome leaks, which means you can rely on them to fix it correctly the first time, no matter what. When you choose Workman & Son’s Plumbing, you choose an experienced knowledgeable plumber that will get the job done right. From repair and replacement to installation and inspection, Workman & Son’s Plumbing provides you with the services you need to ensure you receive the correct fix at the right price.

Signs of an Underground Water Leak

Leaks underground can often be difficult to detect because they’re not as obvious as an overflowing toilet or a burst wall pipe. However, they can still cause large amounts of damage to your home and yard. Here are a couple of signs that you might have a water leak that is underground:

  • Soggy Yard
  • High Water Bill

  • Thick Grass
  • Less Water Pressure

When it comes to fixing a broken water line or replacing corroded water lines, Workman & Son’s Plumbing knowledgeable plumbing technicians can help. We offer complete residential water leak repair and detection services for homeowners throughout Huntington, Ashland, Ironton, and surrounding the Tristate. Trust our experts for water line repair, replacement, and installation services, and you’ll never have to worry about the condition of your water pipes for very long. Contact Workman & Son’s Plumbing by calling 606-325-9531 or Requesting A FREE Estimate today.

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