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Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

Whether you cook for an entire large family or just yourself, you likely depend on your garbage disposal to keep the sink and drain clear of food and debris. When it becomes worn down or clogged, it can cause a very unpleasant odor in your kitchen as well as prevent you from washing dishes, preparing food, and more. At Workman & Son’s Plumbing, we provide comprehensive garbage disposal services, whether you need one installed from scratch, your existing model replaced due to old age, or you existing garbage disposal repaired. Whatever your situation, our expert plumbers are trained to fix virtually any type of garbage disposal issue. We offer garbage disposal installation, repair, and replacement, whatever you need to keep your sink disposal unit operating properly. No job is too big or too small for quality garbage disposal services to handle, so contact our team of friendly professionals for services in the Huntington, Ashland, Ironton, and surrounding Tristate area today!

Garbage disposals are small electric appliances that connect the sink to the waste system. Today’s garbage disposals are generally quite dependable and take up less space than ever before. In order to process all of the scraps that may manage to move into the drains in your kitchen, a garbage disposal must run smoothly. That’s why you should hire our skilled professionals for installation, replacement, or service of this vital plumbing component. At Workman & Son’s Plumbing, we offer excellent garbage disposal installation and replacement services. By hiring a professional garbage disposal installation specialist to do the job, you give yourself the peace of mind that it is installed correctly. If you already have a garbage disposal unit, but it requires frequent repairs or is otherwise inoperative, then you may want to consider replacing it for a new model. Once we have determined the issue, our expert plumbers will be able to quickly determine which solution is the most effective for your problem. When you call us for service for your garbage disposal, you can count on our team at Workman & Son’s Plumbing to use our extensive knowledge to your benefit.

We can help you with any of the following issues with your garbage disposal:

  • Emitting an Unpleasant Smell
  • Ineffective Garbage Disposal
  • Leaking Water

  • Sink Won’t Draining
  • Strange Noises
  • Will Not Turn Off

Caring for Your Garbage Disposal Unit

Unfortunately, too many homeowners treat their sink disposal unit as a device to dump all of their trash into. While this may seem an ideal place for all of your kitchen waste, remember that your garbage disposal has limits and your pipes do too. Clean your garbage disposal with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Also, avoid throwing away the following items in your garbage disposal:

  • Non–food Items
  • Hard Foods
  • Stringy Foods

  • Expandable Food
  • Fats, Oils, and Grease

If a malfunctioning garbage disposal has left you feeling frustrated every time you use your kitchen sink, don’t worry, the plumbers at Workman & Son’s Plumbing has you covered. Whether you’re looking for residential garbage disposal repair or installation, Workman & Son’s Plumbing has the expertise in installing and servicing any type or toilet. Get in touch with Workman & Son’s Plumbing and schedule garbage disposal service with one of our experts in the Huntington, Ashland, Ironton, and surrounding Tristate area today. Call us today to schedule an appointment for toilet repair work. Contact Workman & Son’s Plumbing by calling 606-325-9531or Requesting A FREE Estimate today.

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